IMC Worldwide



Societies develop by connecting people with each other, with services and with resources in increasingly productive and sustainable ways. Our mission is to enable the most disadvantaged populations to make these connections so that they can advance, for the benefit of all of us.

We do this by helping low- and middle-income countries develop the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ infrastructure that people need to connect. This can range from creating ‘hard’ infrastructure such as transport networks that link impoverished farmers to markets or communities to health facilities, through to developing ‘soft’ infrastructure such as the institutions, systems and skills required to deliver public services to the disadvantaged or to support inclusive economic growth.

We deliver these complex projects in an equally ‘connected’ and collaborative manner. We not only bring together national and international partners, but also work closely with all the key stakeholders throughout each project, from the beneficiaries and governments to donors, to ensure solutions are locally driven, contextually appropriate and produce maximum social and economic value for the beneficiaries.

Throughout, we put quality before profit, operate openly and collaboratively, and adhere to the highest ethical standards – essential ingredients for productive and sustainable partnerships and outcomes.